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x.X [Mar. 9th, 2004|07:25 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Loreena McKennitt - Marco Polo]

i think im gonna die. debates are gonna kill me. watch. just watch. my god i dont think well on my feet. and i shake like a leaf. and get nervous and dont eat. im gonna die cuz of them. x.x -sighs- stupid debates. stupid tests.

god why cant i just go to college next year. -grumbles and kicks things-

and i was doing ok today until something triggered me. i forget what it was now...but it was something..major. oh yes. the stupid fucked up library. isnt that fucking hillarious. flashes of things that happened there too. i dont know how many places we went. that bookstore and the coffee shop, the place upstairs, the post office, the 2 or 3 stores that he took me too, 2 other coffee shops, the back of his jeep....christ...i hate this

-laughs- arent i kinda fucked up. -shrugs- oh well....god i hate this. but at least our schools going to the playoffs for basketball...x.x that means i get out of debates at least for the next two days (hopefully)...-sighs- ugh.... -_- kill me. god im gonna die...-shrugs- not literally.

i think im already sorta dead inside. numbed to the pain of it all....because its life.

and you learn to live.

[User Picture]From: readyfor_myfade
2004-03-14 07:54 pm (UTC)
*hugs you tight* I love you Alex... I hope you're okay. I'm always here if you need me, and you know that. I love you sweetie *hugs you tight* I'll talk to you soon ok? Stay safe for me... please. I love you.

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